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The project uses Calix’s Endex Reactor technology to capture carbon from Gas Turbine fuel gas at high pressure and temperature, hence pre-combustion, for Natural Gas Combined Cycle or Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle. The sorbent is finely powdered lime, the waste product is useable lime powder.


The project aims to build a prototype power plant in the north of England, incorporating a combination of low carbon technologies that could reduce the costs of implementing CCS by 20%. Imperial’s Dr Paul Fennell, from the Department of Chemical Engineering, is working with Calix and HEL-East to develop a plant to generate up to three megawatts of electricity while capturing 90% of the carbon waste and creating agricultural lime.



Government funds projects to reduce cost of Carbon Capture technology

6th February 2013


Government funds projects to reduce cost of Carbon Capture technologyThree projects based on Imperial research will share almost half of £20 million (GBP) new funding from the UK Government.The projects aim to reduce the cost of low carbon energy. 

Press Release

23rd November 2012


Millennium Generation is delighted with the government’s commitment to reducing the cost of Carbon Capture exemplified by this grant. It is Millennium’s objective to demonstrate capture cost reductions which could deliver a 20% reduction in the total Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) chain cost.