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Carbon capture innovators to give UK the edge

London – The UK government has announced 13 winning projects in a £20-million competition intended to drive innovative development work in the field of carbon capture and storage (CCS).Universities and energy and technology companies feature prominently in the list of projects (see below) to have been awarded the money from the UK’s £125-million R&D fund for technologies to allow the safe removal and storage of carbon emissions from coal and gas plants.

Energy-Carbon-Environmental Management

21 November 2012 – HEL-East forms a partnership with Millennium Generation and Calix to develop and install a 3MWe CCS demonstration project near Stainforth, Doncaster UK. 


15 November 2012 – HEL-East is appointed to carry out CMM technical due diligence and design advisory work for its coal mine methane power generation facilities in the UK. 


Why Calcium Looping Looks Promising for CCGT Carbon Capture

Australian Company Calix and Its European Subsidiary Millennium Generation Are Developing a Calcium Looping Based Carbon Capture System. the Calix System, Employing Its Endex Reactor, Has Significant Inherent Advantages over Competing Systems Arising from the Thermodynamics, the Reaction Chemistry and the Power System Integration Characteristics.


Innovation to drive cuts in CCS costs

The fourth in the Institute’s series of profiles from around the world is contributed by Millennium Generation (MGL) Project, which was one of the winners of the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change’s competition for innovative projects. 13 projects will benefit from the £20 million investment to reduce the cost of CCS as part of the UK’s £125 million research and development fund. The winners of the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change's £20 million competition for innovative projects to reduce the cost of CCS development were announced in November.