A Major Milestone in low-emissions power production.

The project uses Calix’s Endex Reactor technology to capture carbon from gas turbine fuel gas at high pressure and temperature using solids looping. The sorbent is finely powdered lime, the waste product is useable lime powder.


Calix in Australia is building a commercial-scale calcination plant designed to capture CO2 from the calcination of minerals. The same technology platform, previously demonstrated on a pilot scale, will be deployed for the commercial-scale Australian plant, as well as the UK demonstration plant.


Mark Sceats, Chief Scientist of Calix said: This project is a major milestone for Calix. Our long-term focus has been to develop a flexible low-emissions minerals processing technology that can be deployed to make high performance building materials, fertilisers and nanopowders on a commercial scale. The application to low-emissions power production is an important step, which demonstrates the flexibility of the core technology. CCS is the thread that links all these industrial applications.